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Building Steps

Air conditioning duct workThis is a normal timeline for building a home. It depends on materials, special order items, and weather, but this should give you an idea of what to expect.

We don't mind if you need to make some changes after you sign a contract with us, but if they cost us something we have to ask you to pay the difference.  For example: Changing the color of your walls before the paint is ordered is easy but changing the tile on your floor after it is installed is expensive.



This will be one of the first steps to get the process started.  We can help you wade through your choices for financing your custom home to help you make sense out of it all, and to make sure you build a home you can afford to live in.

We can put you in touch with lenders who have treated our customers will in the past - Click here. 

We want to make sure we do our part to help you find the best banking service and the best rates around!

Early Stages

We work closely with you to find your needs and wants for your new home. A well thought-out plan is the key to enjoying your home. We make sure that you get the features that are important to you in your home and spend your money where you'll get the most benefit.

  • Meet with the Builder.
  • Take a Client Survey to help us understand your idea of your "Dream Home."
  • Pick a location to build on.
  • Decide on a general floor plan.

At this point we can give you a rough estimate of construction price for standard finishes. 

Commitment to Build

Once you are comfortable with the budget and general location and layout of your home we get down to business.

  • Customize design the floor plan to meet your needs.
  • Make the interior and exterior selections that will create the look you want for your dream home.  (You will choose as much or as little as you want, from Door Hardware, Baseboards, Paint, Countertops, to Cabinetry and Electrical fixtures.  We make it a fun to pull together with our streamlined process.)
  • Provide a detailed construction quote to build your home.
  • Clearly explain you the costs involved, construction timeline, and use of materials. 
  • Sign a construction contract

We walk you through each and every aspect of your project so you understand what you are agreeing to and when to expect the home to be ready to move into.


During the construction process we are available to address any questions you may have along the way.  (It takes 4 to 6 months to build most homes.)

  • Plans drawn and all necessary permits are pulled.
  • Lot walk-through to verify location of home on the land.
  • Electrical walk-through to make sure the light switches, recessed lights, telephone jacks, and plugs are where you want them.
  • Track the timeline and let you know of any changes. (sometimes caused by special order items or extreme weather)
  • Keep construction site as clean as possible.

Post Construction

We are only a call away if you have any questions after moving in!

  • Clean the site and inside your home.
  • Walk through the home and explain all your manuals.
  • Turn over the keys! 
    Now is the time to enjoy your new Dream Home!