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How can I find a builder I can trust?

We know that trust is the foundation of our relationship with you.  If you know that we are honest and do what we promise then you know our jobs will come in on budget, our work will hold up to your use, and our advise is sound.  If you trust us then you know when we have your best interests at heart.

Here is a checklist to help you find a builder you can trust

__ Talk to the people you already trust and ask about the builders you might want to use. 

__ Meet the person who would be in charge of building your home to see if you will get along well. Think of this meeting as an interview – look at floor plans and talk about the home you want.  Pay attention to how well they listen to you, and how helpful their suggestions are.

Are you ready to set up a meeting with us? Just click here or call our office at (386) 496-2740

__ Ask the builder for the names and phone numbers of a few past customers as reference. Ask them what the builder did that was good and what was bad – find out what they didn’t like about the builder.

Ask us for a list of customers who can talk with you about using us to build their homes.

__ Drive by homes the builder recently built.  Ask the builder for a list of addresses of the recently built homes.  Drive by on a Saturday morning when people will be outside doing chores.  Introduce yourself and let them know you are thinking about hiring the builder who built their home.  Talk to several people if you can so you can get a good sample of opinions.  Don’t forget to take notes so you don’t forget which builder each person was talking about.

__ Ask for a written feature sheet and pricing, to help you compare builder packages. Also find out if there are fees and charges for “change orders” once you have signed a contract.

Click here to print out our standard features and pricing.

__ Find out if they are a trusted member of the building community and make sure they are licensed and insured. 

We are members of the local Builders Association of North Central Florida. We hold state licenses for residential building and for roofing.  We are bonded and insured, and we  include a copy of that paperwork with all contracts.


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