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Reduce Tomorrow's Expenses

A wise investment today can save you money in the long run.  Here are some examples of upgrades that will save you money over the lifetime of your new home.

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Cabinets - All our homes come with wood cabinets as a standard. Cabinets made of wood and/or plywood last longer and stand up better to moisture than cheaper press board cabinets.

Windows & Doors - Aluminium & Vinyl lasts about 20 years, while fiberglass or steel doors & windows last a lifetime.

Roofing Materials - Architectural Shingles have a 20-30 year life expectancy.  You can double that by installing a metal roof.

Paint - Using high quality paint and applying more than one coat will extend the lifetime of your paint job.  Since re-painting is expensive and difficult this may be worth the cost today.  Also - consider using washable paint inside your home so it lasts longer.

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems - Most components will last between 10 and 25 years depending on the quality of the system and the manufacturer.  You can install a high quality system today and see lower utility bills, or you can plan to replace it in 10 years and take advantage of technologlical advances available in the future.

Floors - Carpet can last upto 10 years if it is well taken care of.  Vinyl floors last up to 50 years, linoleum about 25 years. By installing tile, wood, or marble floors can last upto 100 years with proper maintenance!

Solar Panels - We are in Florida after all!  Most solar systems take 10 years to break even and have a useful lifespan of about 20 years.

Water Heater - while a normal water heater has a 10 year lifespan, tankless water heaters are expected to work for 20+ years.  In addition, a tankless water heater lowers your utility bill because it functions on demand only.  You can expect to save as much as the the water heater cost several times over during it's life.

For more information about the life expectancy of housing systems read this report by the National Association of Home Builders.

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