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Will a new home fit in our budget?

We build homes to fit almost any budget, browse through our floorplan gallery for some ideas of what you can build on your budget.

We understand that most retirees don't like financial surprises.  You are budgeting for the next 30 years right now and want to know your numbers are solid.

We want to keep you on budget and still give you a home you can be proud of. That starts by understanding your idea of a perfect home, and ends with a consultation where we give reliable prices and help you decide what you should include and what you need to cut out to keep your home in your price range.

Before we let you sign a contract to build we help you decide everything you will put into the home from carpet to lighting, so that we can give you as accurate a price as possible.

Changes During Construction

Things come up during construction and you may have to make changes to the house after we sign a contract.  Those changes are put on paper and called Change Orders.

If you need to change something we ask you to pay the real costs associated with your changes.  We don't charge a % fee on top of the costs.  We will explain the costs, and how the change could affect our construction schedule. 

Maintainance Costs

We want you to get the most use out of every piece of equipment. We use quality materials. When we hand you the keys we will go through the user manuals for all the systems in your new house (A/C, water heater, etc) so you know how to take care of them. 

Some products have a longer expected lifetime than others.  Ask us about this issue if you are worried about the costs of upkeep on a home.

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