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Why Retire to North Central Florida?

Retirement is the start of the next phase of your life. Because you are ‘older’ you care about access to great health care and the cost of living where you chose to retire. 

But you aren’t really that old - so you want to have fun with your new found free time.  The perfect place for you to retire will be a city that blends all your desires in the perfect mixture

Retirement Cake!

In North Central Florida you have a surprising mixture of the most important elements for a long and happy retirement.

Let’s start by talking about keeping you healthy!

Gainesville is home to the Shands Hospital and UF Health Science Center, one of the Southeast’s premier health systems including two major teaching hospitals, two specialty hospitals, a network of outpatient rehab centers, two home health agencies, a children's cancer center, and trauma, emergency air, and emergency ground services.  Shands is a state of the art hospital with world-class physicians, equipment, and space.  They are at the forefront for everything from treating Prostate Cancer at the new Proton Therapy Center in Jacksonville to very ill children with their plans for a new specialized children’s hospital.  

In Jacksonville, you have the Mayo Clinic of Jacksonville, the University of Florida Health Science Center, Proton Therapy Center, and Shands Jacksonville.

In Gainesville, you also have the North Florida Regional Medical Center, which has just spent $58 million dollars expanding their facilities to include a Heart/Vascular services center along with Maternity and Neonatal care center.

It’s unlikely you have a medical need they don’t handle but if you do they’ll probably start a research project to study you.

Enrichment Lifetime learning is fun in Alachua County

What are you dreaming about doing with your free time when you retire?  

Lifelong learning is one of the best ways to stay young. Having a major University and a major Medical community in the area open up a lot of opportunities or local residents.  

Do you dream of learning to play guitar, take photographs, or take up painting? The community education programs offered in North Florida are more like what you would expect in a metropolis than a small town.

Sign up for community education classes offered through Santa Fe College and you can learn about almost anything under the sun.  Meet musicians in the area by joining a club like the Gainesville Friends of Jazz or taking classes somewhere like the Academy of Music.  

The University of Florida...
From UF degree programs to a huge number of clubs and groups welcoming new members the University of Florida is a driving force in the culture of North Central Florida.  Enjoy free symphonies, plays, or rock stars shows at venues on the UF campus and around the area.  Enjoy inexpensive admission to  UF’s Florida Museum of Natural History, Harn Museum of Art, the Hippodrome State Theatre, and the Curtis M. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

Near Jacksonville and the beaches you can find a growing community of artists, museums, and entertainment venues.

Enjoy annual events like The Spring Arts Festival, The Downtown Festival and Art Show, The Hoggetowne Medieval Faire, and The Thomas Center Gallery Art Shows.

Beautiful Scenery and Day Trips

When you aren’t busy with classes and clubs you will be able to explore the area and find our hidden treasures.

Peacock Springs State ParkGrab lunch in Micanopy after a morning of wandering through antique shops.  Visit the Waldo flea market. Spend the evening in a bed and breakfast at Cedar Key for the seafood festival.  Wander down Main Street in Alachua and enjoy the quaint small town atmosphere.  Take the grandkids to pick strawberries. Drive to the beach near St. Augustine and visit the castle, or go to the Nature Coast to see the manatees.  

Freshwater springs feed the rivers in North Florida, including the famous Suwanee River.  The water is crystal clear and the beauty surprises almost everyone who visits the springs.  In High Springs you can kayak down the Santa Fe River and stop to snorkel at dozens of springs that are sprinkled along the riverbanks.  The spring water is almost the same temperature year round, so during the summer they are a great place to cool off and over the winter the steam raising from the water is magical.  If your heart belongs to the water then you probably want to live near High Springs, Alachua, or Branford in Alachua county, Gilchrist county, or Columbia county.

Do you want to see the world?  

It’s important for freeways and airports to be convenient if you plan to travel a lot.  

With so many airports within a short drive it’s easier to find a great deal on plane tickets. Jacksonville International Airport is an easy airport to fly and out of, with less expensive parking and shorter security lines than Orlando.  Gainesville has a regional airport if you prefer to drive less and fly more - you can fly off about just about anywhere. Orlando International Airport is just 2 hours away if you prefer access to many different airlines lots of choices in direct flights.

If you feel like getting in an R.V. and driving there are several major highways you can access within a few minutes.  I-75 runs through the center of the state or you can head east to I-95.  Along our northern border with Georgia runs I-10.  Between them you can drive anywhere from Key West to Alaska.

Perhaps you are more concerned about your loved ones being able to easily visit you? The same things hold true - being centrally located between a network of freeways and airports means that your family and friends can stay the night while driving through the area or come for an extended stay.


Great Weather

The weather is here mild. Locals joke that we have all four seasons here: 10 months of summer and 2 weeks of Fall, Winter, and Spring.

It cools off enough by November or December to have a change in the seasons if you watch closely enough, but mostly it is summer all year-round.  Temperatures average 90 to 70 degrees in the summer to 67 to 44 degrees in the dead of winter. There are only a handful of days each year that temperatures drop below freezing during the night.


Low Cost of Living

Our historically lower home prices combined with our comprehensive network of free and low-cost community services to offer you an amazingly good value for an enriched retirement.  Our location makes travelling less expensive.

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