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How will owning a home change the way we live?

Building your first home is exciting and a little scary.  Let us guide you through the process so you can enjoy it!

Right now you are probably living to fit your house instead of living in a house that fits your family.  You might have cramped closets, cabinets clogged with Tupperware and dishes, and toys scattered through the house.  When you build a home you get to plan for all that life throws at you - if you have a passion for shoes then add some space to your closet for shoe racks.

You are going to have more space and it will be arranged just the way you want it.  With the larger lots we usually build on you won't have to worry about fitting your house into a small footprint of land. 

Everyone in the family can have their own room - and if you want privacy you can put the master suite on the opposite end of your new house.  If someone is a light sleeper their bedroom shouldn't be next to the TV room or the laundry room. 

You might think we are nosy when we ask you how you life and what you like to spend your time doing, but we are just trying to make sure we build you a home that you will love to live in.

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