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Should we buy, build, or stay put?

Deciding whether to buy a re-sale home, build a new home, or just keep renting is easy for some people and hard for others. Here are some thoughts to help you make the right decision for you and your family.

Is owning a home important to you?

It's the American Dream - owning your own home. If thinking about owning a new home inspires you then building a home might be right for you.  There are all kinds of other reasons to buy, but if deep down you just know that owing a home means you have made it then give us a call.

Would you be happier with a few little changes?

Building a new home means that you can make it your own.  If that sounds like fun then maybe building a home is right for you.  You can sit down with the team at Hendricks Homes to design a home that works with your lifestyle. You don't need to know exactly what you want when we get started, we will talk until we understand you and your family - where you work and how you play, who gets up early and who stays up late, if you have a storage unit full of Christmas decorations or want a second garage for your 4-wheelers and jet skis. You will find out that custom doesn't mean expensive.

There are also some hidden benefits to building a new home.  For starters you will have enough outlets - and you get to decide how many lights you want and where the switches should be.  Older homes aren't wired for the way we live today, and really old homes may not even have grounded outlets.  New plumbing means that you can wash clothes, dishes and shower at the same time.

Where do you want to live?

Do you want to live within 15 minutes of your parents?  Do you absolutely love a certain neighborhood?  What about your personal life - schools, work, family, worship - do you need to be in the middle of it all or is it OK to drive a little to get where you need to be?

Build a home in the CountryNow that you have a perfect spot in mind - are there vacant lots?  If there are places to build where you want to live we can talk with you about a land/home package. If the area you want to live is completely built out you may need to buy a pre-owned home to be there.

The Hendricks Homes team builds in all of these counties:

Union County ( Lake Butler, Worthington Springs, Providence, Raiford)
Alachua County (City of Alachua, High Springs, Gainesville, etc.)
Columbia County ( Lake City, Fort White, etc.)
Clay County (Middleburg, Orange Park, Keystone)
Bradford County (Starke)
Baker County (Macclenny)

If you already do live in your perfect spot but your home isn't right for you anymore we can talk about updating or adding on.  You may want an extreme makeover or just an updated bathroom - let's talk to see what the right choice is for your family.

How soon do you have to move?

If you want a new custom home it will take around 4 - 6 months from our first meeting to the day you get to move in.  We go at your pace and give you as much time as you need to make your choices, so it can take a lot more time if you need it to.  If you like one of our standard plans and make no changes during construction things go pretty fast.

Can you afford to buy a home?

There are a lot of things that go into the cost of owning a home.  We want to help you make sure you can afford them so you can enjoy the home we build for the rest of your life.

The price of your home is the starting point, so take a look at our price sheets to get an idea of where to start below.

Closing Costs

Even if you use a "no down payment” loan you will need some cash to buy a house. There are things you need to pay for other than the house like your inspections, survey, or appraisal.  New home in Alachua CountyYour bank charges fees for handling paperwork and they collect 3 months of insurance and property taxes for your escrow account.

Most of the costs are different for each buyer, property, and bank so it gets complicated to give a precise quote on them.  A good rule of thumb is to plan for 1% - 2% of the purchase price.  EX: If you are buying a home for $140,000 you should set aside $1,400 to $2,800 plus your mortgage down payment.

Give our team a call to talk about different kinds of financing and what they mean to you.

Monthly Payments & Cost of Financing

Depending on three things your payment can be very different for any house.  Everyone knows the sale price is going to have a big affect on their monthly payment. What you might not know is how much your interest rate and down payment change your payment too.

Is it really important that your monthly payment is as low as your rent?  You might want to look at a USAD loan.

Do you want the lowest interest rate and a 15 year payoff?  A conventional or FHA loan might be right for you.

Our team can help you decide which loans are right for you and put you in touch with the best lenders in our area.

Call our team to talk about your options - there are no strings attached because we only want your business if you are going to be a happy neighbor!

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